EMT Cardiac (no longer exists)

EMT Cardiac (no longer exists)


Current RI EMT Basic (now EMT) license, BCI, Immunization records

Tuition Includes:

Tuition uniform shirt, lab & clinical fees, ACLS, and access to the online classroom ALL INCLUDED IN TUITION

State License Exam pass rates for our EMT-C graduates to date:

  • Class 1: 100% first time
  • Class 2: 100% first time
  • Class 3: 100% first time
  • Class 4: 100% first time
  • Class 5: 100% first time
  • Class 6: 100% first time
  • Class 7: 100% first time
  • Class 8: 100% first time
  • Class 9: 100% first time
  • Class 10: 100% first time
  • Class 11: 100% first time
  • Class 12: 100% first time
  • Class 13: 100% first time
  • Class 14: 100% first time
  • Class 15: results not in yet

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Course Information

This course includes training/certification in:

  • Oral endotracheal intubation
  • Intraosseous infusion
  • IV medication infusion
  • 12 Lead EKG Interpretation

Students of this course will conduct megacode scenarios in our medical simulation lab with a high fidelity manikin and also at the RI Hospital Medical Simulation Facility.


Course content and conduct is derived from and/or complies with:

  • The National EMS Core Content
  • The National EMS Scope of Practice
  • The National EMS Education Standards
  • The Rhode Island Division of EMS guidelines to conduct EMS training programs


The following physical materials are provided by the Program to each student

  • Paramedic Textbook, 4th ed. (Mick J. Sanders), Mosby publ. and Accompanying workbook for text
  • BLS for Healthcare Providers – Student Manual, American Heart Association, 2010 version (library loan)

The following distributive materials may be viewed online or downloaded and/or printed by the student

Students are expected to read all assigned chapters and protocols, and perform workbook assignments relevant to the class session PRIOR to the class session.


  • Medical Director: Robert Casci, D.O.
  • Program Director: William Howe, B.A., REMT-P, EMS I/C, License number 5453-P
  • Course Coordinator: TBA, NREMT-P
  • Clinical Coordinator: Valerie Howe, B.S., R.P.T., EMT

Grading Attendance and Other Policies

Program policies are available for viewing and download from http://911programs.com/about/policies/ems-students/

Students are required to sign a statement acknowledging and accepting all program policies pertinent to the course of instruction.

Course Format

This course uses the following formats for instruction (percentage of classroom hours/percentage of total hours)

  • Classroom style lectures: 83 hours
  • Laboratory sessions: 76 hours
  • Distributive learning & assignments (approx 2 hours per lecture & 1 hour per lab): 61 hours
  • Written and practical examinations: 8 hours
  • Clinical internship: 8 hours minimum
  • Field internship: 10 hours minimum
  • TOTAL HOURS: 246 of which 167 are in the classroom

The following formats are available and optional

  • Group study sessions
  • Online group discussions
  • Private and group tutoring/mentoring (not covered in tuition)

Distributive Learning and Assignments

This course uses distributive learning and assignments to foster an academic environment and provide students additional resources to enhance learning. Distributive resources may include but are not limited to:

  • Additional reading material such as handouts, charts, and relevant EMS-related articles or research
  • Handouts consistent with powerpoint presentations used during lectures
  • Media including video, animations, photos, models, etc.
  • Self-assessment quizzes, scenarios and case studies, discussion questions, and critical thinking questions

Students are expected to complete all distributive learning for a class session PRIOR TO the class session

Location and Times

  • Location: 911Programs Warwick Classroom 175 Metro Center Blvd Unit 1
  • Times: Except as otherwise noted, Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-10pm and Saturdays 8:30am-12:30pm